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Welcome to Honest Nutrition

Improve Your
Digestive Health

Empowering you to optimize your health through nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Welcome to Honest Nutrition

Improve Your
Digestive Health

Empowering you to optimize your health through nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Who we are

Nutrition-Based Healthcare that Actually Makes You Healthier

Welcome to Honest Nutrition, a tele-health nutrition practice based in Livermore, California. Owner Diana Price, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, specializes in digestive health. Digestive health can also be the underlying cause of autoimmune diseases, inflammation, skin conditions, and many other conditions even if you do not have any obvious symptoms.


I help my clients leverage the power of food, supplements, and lifestyle to optimize their health. My process begins with a comprehensive assessment designed to help reveal the root cause of your health issues – I want your “whole story.” Together we develop an individualized plan that treats the whole person. You can expect life-changing results with my unique and personalized approach.  


I am a celiac-thriver and mother of a Crohn’s warrior. I know the frustrations with digestive diseases as a patient and a mom. That’s why I take a simple and practical approach to nutrition, emphasizing the importance of real, whole foods that nourish the body and promote optimal wellness.


Honest Nutrition offers a personalized approach to digestive concerns including:

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What we offer

Tele-Health Services


You do not need to live a life-long decline. Many factors can be improved with an individualized nutrition and supplement plan. I address the most impactful issues affecting your well-being so that you can experience improvement quickly.

Gut Health

Digestive conditions are truly debilitating and life-altering. I can help with a variety of gastrointestinal conditions. I empower you to regain control of their health by addressing gut issues and inflammation.

Genetic Testing

A reliable genetic test should offer a personalized plan. For this reason, I use 3×4 Genetics. They create a plan with clear and actionable plan with recommendations to help you improve your health and wellness. Your genes are unique and tell your story, and 3x4 Genetics provides insight into what works best for you!

Functional Lab Testing

Specialized lab testing allows us to find and address root causes so that your nutrition protocol is highly personalized and ensures you get the best possible outcome. I use the following tests regularly in my practice: Functional Stool Test, SIBO Breath Test, and Mediator Release Test (MRT) for Food Sensitivities.

Meal Plans

Do you struggle with meal planning and finding healthy gluten-free options that you actually enjoy? Look no further! Our customizable meal plans take the stress out of mealtime and help you eat healthier than ever before.

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