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Personalized Nutrition Services​ with Diana Price
Improve Your Overall Health with a Registered Dietitian

Personalized Nutrition Services

Overall digestive function is often compromised when you experience conditions such as IBS, SIBO, eczema, autoimmune diseases, and inflammation. People often struggle with bloat, brain fog, diarrhea, headaches, pain, rashes, stomach aches, weight fluctuations, and more.


Many also suffer from fatigue and low energy levels, which are often due to a lack of necessary nutrients from poor absorption. When you are unable to properly digest the food you’ve eaten, the opportunistic bacteria thrive creating a perfect storm for dysbiosis and leaky gut. 


Many people turn to an elimination diet such as low FODMAP, SIBO-friendly diets, Top 8 Allergens, or other elimination diets without professional guidance. These diets should be short-term discovery diets versus long-term forever diets.


Long-term food restrictions can lead to nutrient deficiencies, have a negative impact on the gut microbiome, and just aren’t sustainable. My personalized approach to nutrition looks at the root cause and goes beyond providing a meal plan and sending you on your way. 


Digestive problems can come from a variety of underlying causes such as previous antibiotic exposure, low motility, low stomach acid, low digestive enzymes and juices, leaky gut, and more. I support you throughout your journey, offering guidance, encouragement, and resources to help you achieve lasting success. 


My ultimate goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet on your own – so you can thrive independently for years to come. Trust me as your nutrition professional and take the first step towards a healthier you. Let’s work together to make healthy eating a way of life!

What we offer

Dedicated, Nutrition Professionals Providing a Personalized Approach

Gut Health

Digestive conditions are truly debilitating and life-altering. If you struggle with constipation, diarrhea, weight fluctuations, discomfort, bloating, and more, I can help with a variety of gastrointestinal conditions.


You do not need to live a life-long decline. Many factors can be improved with an individualized nutrition and supplement plan. I address the most impactful issues affecting your well-being so that you can experience improvement quickly.

Genetic Testing

A reliable genetic test should offer a personalized plan. For this reason, I use 3×4 Genetics. They create a plan with clear and actionable plan with recommendations to help you improve your health and wellness. Your genes are unique and tell your story, and 3x4 Genetics provides insight into what works best for you!

Functional Lab Testing

Specialized lab testing allows us to find and address root causes so that your nutrition protocol is highly personalized and ensures you get the best possible outcome. I use the following tests regularly in my practice: Functional Stool Test, SIBO Breath Test, and Mediator Release Test (MRT) for Food Sensitivities.

Meal Plans

Do you struggle with meal planning and finding healthy gluten-free options that you actually enjoy? Look no further! Our customizable meal plans take the stress out of mealtime and help you eat healthier than ever before.

OUR Result Driven Process

Start Optimizing Your Digestive Health Today

  • Step 1 - Discovery Call​

    Find out if we’re a good fit. Start by booking a FREE 15-minute call.​

  • Step 2 - Your Story

    I want the whole story! By completing the secure forms and providing any labs you wish, a full assessment is created.

  • Step 3 - Initial Visit

    Meet for your first initial visit. Together we will review your assessment and develop your first steps. Then, you’ll get a detailed plan with easy-to-understand information and support that you need for success!​

  • Step 4 - Additional Assessments

    Complete any desired additional assessments such as functional stool testing, SIBO breath test, food sensitivities testing, or genetic testing (all optional).​

  • Step 5 - Optimize Your Wellness Plan

    Meet regularly to further optimize your plan and eventually achieve independent wellness!​

Ready to start feeling good?

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