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What we offer

Improve Your Digestive System and Gut Health

I work with patients to get to the root cause of their gastrointestinal problems. By addressing both diet and lifestyle, the protocol targets gut health and improves quality of life.

Help with variety of gastrointestinal conditions, such as:
Create an individualized plan for you by focusing on the following:
Tackle problems with digestive health such as inflammation, dysbiosis, infections, and motility.
Create a supplement plan for you by focusing on the following:

Want to start optimizing your digestive health today?

With this process, you can stop fearing food and start feeling good after meals. As a result, you’ll be confident that your day won’t be disrupted by digestive problems. You’ll also feel empowered in knowing what you can eat with confidence.

Get started with a wellness plan customized for you today!

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OUR Result Driven Process

Start Optimizing Your Digestive Health Today

  • Step 1 - Discovery Call​

    Find out if we’re a good fit. Start by booking a FREE 15-minute call.​

  • Step 2 - Your Story

    I want the whole story! By completing the secure forms and providing any labs you wish, a full assessment is created.

  • Step 3 - Initial Visit

    Meet for your first initial visit. Together we will review your assessment and develop your first steps. Then, you’ll get a detailed plan with easy-to-understand information and support that you need for success!​

  • Step 4 - Additional Assessments

    Complete any desired additional assessments such as functional stool testing, SIBO breath test, food sensitivities testing, or genetic testing (all optional).​

  • Step 5 - Optimize Your Wellness Plan

    Meet regularly to further optimize your plan and eventually achieve independent wellness!​

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