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Functional Lab Testing

Optimize Your Outcome with

Functional Lab Testing

While traditional labs provide important clinical information, some questions can only be answered using specialty testing. Functional lab testing allows us to find and address root causes, so that your nutrition protocol will be highly personalized and effective ensuring you can get the best possible outcomes.


Functional lab testing can be discussed at any visit and is a component of step 4 of our process.


Ultimately, we combine your labs, preferences, lifestyle, and clinical picture to create a highly individualized and effective plan.

Want to get started with a precision plan based on testing?

Book an appointment to get started. We’ll discuss specialty testing during your initial consultation, and any additional time when it might be helpful. No patient is ever pressured to get specialty testing, we work with your preferences.

Gut Health Testing

GI Effects is a comprehensive assessment of complete gut health, assessing the root cause of most GI complaints and even non-GI complaints such as eczema, autoimmune diseases, joint pain, diabetes, and weight issues. The health of the entire body is dependent on a healthy gut and gut microbiome. This test is the gateway to an effective gut healing plan. This at-home functional stool test evaluates key functions of gut health: digestion, absorption, inflammation, immunology and the gut microbiome.

Genetic Testing

Although the science around genetic testing and its clinical implications is still evolving, a good genetic panel can provide important insight. We use 3×4 Genetics because of their unique patient-friendly reporting and their commitment to science. The panel looks at gene variants, or single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that can contribute to a variety of conditions and nutrient deficiencies. For example, carbohydrate tolerance and the risk of developing type II diabetes is affected by genetics. Knowing your genetics allows us to specialize your nutrition care plan proactively.

Food Sensitivity Testing

While no food sensitivity test is perfect, they can provide valuable insight into immune function and possible inflammatory triggers. We use Mediator Release Testing (MRT), which measures actual inflammation-generating and symptom-provoking reactions taking place inside your body. MRT provides better results than single pathway tests like IG food sensitivity testing.

SIBO Breath Testing

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a leading cause of IBS and GERD. It is always preferable to run a breath test for SIBO before an intervention protocol. We use the non-invasive SIBO breath tests from Genova Diagnostics.

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